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The Plexus dispenser gun applies two-part adhesives with a squeeze of the trigger. Particularly well suited for bonding thermoplastic materials. MIXPAC™ F-System offers a complete, compatible system with cartridges of 200 mL and 400 mL volumes, using a manual or pneumatic dispenser. The plunger for the gun works on a hydraulic action, and creates a smoother flow than most caulking guns. Our leading brands including Sulzer Mixpac and Cox Applicators. Caulk guns and adhesive applicators easily dispense adhesives and allow varying degrees of control and precision.

The dispensers are compatible with 10:1 mix ratio products. They include manual, pneumatic, and battery-driven epoxy dispenser options. Manual applicators have a trigger mechanism to control the dispense rate. Light weight applicator gun features rugged industrial construction plexus manual applicator gun for 490ml cartridges to dispense Plexus 50 ML 3 2-part universal adhesives. There are a variety of applicators available to match the needs of your manufacturing process. Intelligent single and multi-component dispensing systems. Plexus MA832 Adhesive 490ML Gray 10:1 Cartridge PXIT332X.

Adhesive & Sealant Guns and Applicators can be powered manually or pneumatically. The optional disposable mixing tips dispense thoroughly mixed adhesive, to make your jobs easier and faster. Spare Parts / Accessories. 2-part applicators are used with dual cartridge materials. M400XMR Cox 490mL 10:1 manual applicator gun. The 490ml Manual Sealant Gun is a high quality, professional metal skeleton sealant applicator gun. Works in a mix ratio of 10:1. The optional disposable mixing tips dispense thoroughly mixed adhesive, to make your jobs easier and.

Theml Dual Cartridge Pneumatic Manual Applicator is a handheld, manually operated meter mix dispenser. This static mixing nozzle mixes adhesive parts A and B thoroughly, and dispenses them evenly. Weld-On manual gun for use with Weld-On 11, 30, 31, and 32 for both 470ml and 490ml cartridges and mixing tips.

Going to be a clone of the UK home page. Easy online ordering for the ones who get it done along with 24/7 customer service, free technical support & more. The mixer assortment includes different mixing elements, lengths, diameters, mixer tips, and accessories.

Combined at a 1:1 ratio, it has a working time of 15 to 18 minutes plexus and achieves a rapid fixture in 30 to 35 minutes at room temperature. It is very versatile, suitable for jobs requiring either 1:1 or 2:1 mix ratios. Manual Dispensing Gun for 50ML Twin Pack Cartridges for 1:1 mix ratio 50ml cartridge size not suitable for 10:1 mix ratio materials. Epoxy applicators dispense two-part epoxy resins in controlled amounts. The Plexus 400 mL Full Barrel Frame Manual Caulk/Adhesive Applicator Use with 400 mL Devcon Adhesive Cartridges can be found within the Caulk Guns & Adhesive Applicators category. Click here for Static Mix Nozzle Guide. Manual hand motion drives the dual pistons directly into the Duo Pak cartridge, Dispenses Two Component 3M Scotch Weld Structural Adhesives Our 3M Scotch Weld EPX (Exact Proportioning and mixing) manual applicators make dispensing our two component 3M Scotch Weld Structural Adhesives clean, easy and with minimal waste. Our 2K dispense guns work primarily with our collapsible Film-Pak® cartridges, rigid Side x Side cartridges, rigid snap-together Ratio-Pak® cartridges, and 380mL coaxial cartridges.

The Plexus Static Mixing Nozzle for 490 ML Cartridges is required in order to dispense Plexus 490 ml adhesive cartridges (sold separately). Its coded interface prevents cross-contamination. The most efficient and economical method of dispensing and applying adhesives for both repair and assembly applications. Our manual applicator gun is just the thing to dispense Plexus from the 400ml twin cartridge. MANUAL DISPENSING GUN 490ML: Product Information: PLEXUS MANUAL DISPENSING GUN 490ML: Technical Data Sheet: DOWNLOAD PRODUCTS TDS: Product Category: Equipment and Supplies: Manufacturer: PLEXUS: Industry: General Industrial: Equip/Supply Type: Dispensing Guns: Manufacturer SKU: 30016. These dispensers provide a convenient, cost-effective method to apply product with minimal waste. Plexus&39; mixing nozzle is used with 490 ml cartridges for Plexus applicator guns. Available Options.

The 3M EPX 490mL cartridge gun is self contained, manual, meter mixing and dispensing gun that simultaneously meters and mixes two-part adhesives. Much like caulk guns, epoxy guns feature a pistol-grip design with a trigger mechanism that helps dispense epoxy resins out of tubes. Manual Application Gun is required for all Plexus 380 ml cartridges. LORD-Pak™ 375 mL cartridge manual dispensing gun is a side-by-side manual dispensing system. Looking for DEVCON Manual Mark 5(TM) Applicator Gun, For Use With 47mL and 50mL Cartridges (4TT43)? Zoro carries a variety of epoxy applicators, from dispensing guns to epoxy mixing nozzles to glue guns.

Bulk Pricing Available on Request. This 490mL manual cartridge gun is perfect for dispensing 3M structural acrylic adhesives that more commonly com packaged in the 10:1 ratios. Designed specifically for use with two component silicone sealants dispensed in side by side cartridges such as Kodiglaze S. 3M™ Scotch-Weld™ EPX™ Manual Applicators are used to dispense two-component 3M™ Scotch-Weld™ Structural Adhesives packaged in Duo-Pak (DP) cartridges. Application: Manual Applicator, Mixing Ratio: 10:1, For Use With: 490mL Cartridges. Supplied in ready-to-use cartridges. We only carry the most efficient static mixers and high quality dispensing guns available.

Plexus® adhesives are supplied in ready-to-dispense cartridges, 5 gallon pails, and 50 gallons drums. Take a look at the features for 3M Manual Applicator. This manually powered applicator was created to dispense structural adhesives from two component Duo-Pak Cartridges.

Manual, hand-held, 10:1 ratio, applicator gun for dispensing and applying 490 ml cartridge systems. GTS 490ml Manual Sealant Gun. Supports a 490 ml dual cartridge. The LORD-Pak 375 mL system consists of a dispensing gun, dual cartridge, retaining nut and disposable static mixer, preconfigured at 4:1 mix ratio by volume. 1 x Plexus manual Dispensing Gun for 50ML Twin Pack Cartridges for 1:1 mix ratio ; 1 x Cartridge of Structural Adhesive Plexus MA300 50ml (cream) 2 x Plexus mixer nozzles 97mm Plexus MA 300 Methacrylate - 50 ML; Plexus® MA300 is a two-part methacrylate adhesive designed for structural bonding of thermoplastic, metal, and composite assemblies1. Pneumatic applicators plexus manual applicator gun for 490ml cartridges use air pressure to control the dispense rate, resulting in an even flow and preventing operator fatigue.

Shop for Plexus® Adhesives. For epoxies, adhesives and other materials that are supplied in 400ml dual side-by-side 10:1 ratio cartridges with the use of a static mixing nozzle. EFD’s manual line of 2K dispense guns offer the most portable, lightweight option for dispensing two-component materials. Sulzer Mixpac&39;s COX™ and MK™ dispensers are the market-leading brand for handheld sealant and adhesive dispensers. Available in a range of styles, caulk guns and adhesive applicators. Theml Dual Cartridge Manual Applicator is a handheld, manually operated meter mix dispenser.

In stock USD $ 2. Combines high strength and stiffness with the ability to adhere difficult-to-bond materials. For those smaller jobs, order the 25ml Plexus Syringe. With the use of the mixing nozzle, the A and B mixes and gets dispensed properly. Grainger&39;s got your back. Shop HomElectrical for a wide selection of tools and tool accessories today!

DSml Manual Dual Cartridge Applicator Gun. DSml Manual Dual Cartridge Applicator Gun 490ml 10:1 Cartridge Gun Stock Items Are Same Day Shipped From Knoxville, Tennesse, United States. Plexus MA300 Off-White Two-Part Base & Accelerator (B/A) Methacrylate Adhesive - 50 ml Dual plexus manual applicator gun for 490ml cartridges Cartridge - PLEXUS 30500 PRICE is per CARTRIDGE 4. Manual Dispense Guns.

3M Scotch-Weld EPX Manual Applicator makes dispensing an easy process with take-it-to-the-job convenience. Part Number: EPX 490ML MANUAL APPLICATOR; Manufacturer SKU: Dispensers- Guns Dispensing Valves Lamps. The gun forces out the two components of the adhesive in the proper 10 to 1 ratio. They may be applied using industry standard manual or pneumatic applicators or via a variety of meter mix bulk dispensing systems. 3 out of 5 stars 22 . For larger jobs, 3M offers a Performance Manual Applicator for use with 400 mL cartridges. Manual, hand-held applicator gun for dispensing and applying (1:1) ratio 400ml cartridge systems for epoxies, methacrylates, and urethanes. Plexus 30016 applicator gun.

Each 3M Standard Manual Applicator features heavy duty metal construction and rod-driven operation for balanced dispensing from 200 mL cartridges. Use the Plexus 490 ml cartridges with the Cox M400XMR Manual 490 ML Adhesive Dispensing Gun (sold separately). Actuator Adapters Additives Adhesive Applicator Valve Assemblies Applicators Applicator Gun Cartridge Applicator.

Plexus manual applicator gun for 490ml cartridges

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